TribeCrew Brown Tulip Style Baking Cups, Medium, Sleeve of 200 perfect for baking muffins or cupcakes

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  • EVEN BAKING AND OVEN SAFE! These tulip shape baking cups are made from quality grease-proof paper that helps to retain moisture and promotes even baking. This product is oven safe, and can withstand high temperatures
  • BAKE TO IMPRESS! These baking cups are sure to impress customers or guests. Instantly draws attention to your jumbo cupcakes and muffins with their eye-catching and creative tulip look alike presentation.
  • NO MORE SCRUBING THE PANS! Using these paper liner baking cups to line muffin pans eliminates the need to scrub baked on residue. This helps save time cleaning, and gives you more time to bake! You don’t have to worry about batter spilling over onto cupcake pan
  • MOISTURE. Without a baking cup, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods can become dried out after removing them from the pan. Using a liner helps you preserve the desirable moist taste and texture that will set your cupcakes apart from others
  • SHAPE. Providing stability and unique shape, this tulip baking cups can help create an edgy look and prevent crumbling. Liners can even act as a buffer between a hot pan and the batter, which can prevent the baked good's edges from cooking too fast