Hoont Solar Powered Outdoor Wasp Trap with UV LED Light – Traps Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Hornets, Etc. - Effectively Lures, Traps and Retains Bees Until They Die

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  • EASY SETUP - The Hoont™ Wasp Trap is a simple solution to get your outdoor space rid of these annoying and often dangerous insects. Simply add some sugared water, flip the switch on, then hang the Wasp Trap, or place it on any flat surface. Traps and kills Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Bees, etc. Enjoy your wasp free outdoor space!
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE – Features double entry tunnels, one on each side, for increased trapping power. These pesky insects get attracted to the irresistible smell of added sugary water and to the UV light, and will make their way into the device. Once inside, insects will try to escape through the clear walls of the product, but will eventually drown in the sugary syrup or become dehydrated in the blazing summer heat.
  • SOLAR UV LIGHT – Features a blue UV light that generates a warm glow, increasing the wasp trap’s attracting power. Automatically turns on at night and recharges itself via the sun, thus ensuring uninterrupted pest control coverage. Never worry about batteries!
  • UNLIMITED TRAPPING – The Hoont™ Outdoor Wasp Trap is made with durable heavy-duty plastic and will last for many years; reuse the trap year after year. Clean it after the season and store it away for your next wasp-catching season. Catch an unlimited amount of bees. Great economic wasp control solution!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE SOLUTION – Requires no maintenance, simply add some sugared water as bait and let the trap do the rest. Disposing the dead insects is easy and safe; just unscrew the cap, shake the device until its insect free, then put it back in place for the next round of trapping.