CIRCOPACK Light Grip Snap Clamp ABS–4 inch X ½ inch (20 pack)

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  • This is a CIRCOPACK value bundle comprising 20 pieces of Circo Innovations' Light Grip Snap Clamp ABS–4 inch X ½ inch. Please refer to the images on sizing. Look out for the Copyright CIRCOPACK packaging to ensure you are receiving a genuine product.
  • The EZ Snap Clamps can be used to attach tarps or netting to pipe. These new Circo Innovation ABS Snap Clamps have higher temperature resistance and gripping strength compared to the original clamps design.
  • These Snap Clamps are compatible with many types of pipes, including PVC & EMT (metal conduit). Some applications include greenhouses, row covers, shelters, bird protection, dog beds, and quilting frames.
  • CIRCOPACK is a Value Emporium brand.