Catnip Toys Ball for Cats by Shelltech, Compressed Catnip Toy Balls Edible Cat Treats Playing Relaxing Catnip Toys 1.3 Inch Diameter 5 Pack

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  • The catnip ball is made of 100% catnip (Nepeta cataria), making it safe for your cat to chew on and lick
  • Small size: 1.3” in Diameter 1.3”; Weight: 8 grams per each
  • The compressed catnip balls are about the size of a ping pong ball; easy to carry and storage.
  • Perfect catnip toys ball for cats; Catnip provides a burst of playful energy and fun for cats. The pleasant, intense scent of catnip has a stimulating effect on cats, and will keep you and your cat entertained for hours.
  • Package include: 5 x catnip toys ball